Being Diverse Diversity 

Being Diverse

Before you get excited – this post is not live yet!  I am just testing some layouts and categories.  It will be completed very soon, though 🙂

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Hello Voom 2018! WildBareRaw 

Hello Voom 2018!

The What After working in both the private and public sector in various roles, culminating in an 11-year stint within the civil service before I left nearly a year ago to freelance, I felt that the culture of many organisations was such, that their people were failing to thrive. While commuting from Ipswich to Westminster, I became fascinated by the wellbeing of strangers, then dismayed. The poor condition of peoples’ health emanated out of them. I didn’t need a medical degree to know that they were potentially shortening their lifespan…

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Vision WildBareRaw 


To explore, and implement, a fresh, sustainable strategic approach to how organisations lead, manage and develop people capability, diversity, and how to further develop a work culture that enables people to thrivr   Through strategic thinking, and research undertaken, navigate complex and ambiguous situations, providing clarity and recommending areas of focus, creating a compelling vision   Conduct and publish research into in-depth strategic organisational development, design, learning and leadership development   Stakeholder manage, utilising influencing skills and a willingness to challenge the status quo, gaining buy-in to new ways of…

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